About the Singapore War Crimes Trials Web Portal

The Second World War irrevocably changed the course of history and the lives of survivors. Even so, many of Singapore’s Second World War stories remain untold. While there has been much public interest in Singapore about the battles and victories of the Second World War, less is known about post-war justice efforts. This web portal on the Singapore War Crimes Trials (the Singapore Trials) aims to contribute to a broader and deeper appreciation of Singapore's Second World War history. The Singapore Trials, their achievements as well as their failures, are an important piece of Singapore’s Second World War story.

The Singapore Trials hold insightful legal and historical lessons. However, the creators of this web portal have refrained from including evaluations in this portal. We hope that users will arrive at their own assessments through further study and discussion.

After the Second World War, 131 war crimes trials were held in Singapore to address atrocities committed during the war. The Singapore War Crimes Trials Web Portal (the SGWCT Web Portal) aims to provide the public with one-stop access to the Singapore Trials and to serve as a platform for discussions on accountability, justice, and the rule of law.

It features comprehensive case summaries of these war crimes trials and links to relevant archival materials hosted by other websites. In doing so, the SGWCT Web Portal aims to inspire public interest in a crucial but under-explored aspect of Singapore’s legal heritage. The Portal also aims to be a jumping off point for those seeking to learn more about the Singapore War Crimes Trials. The co-founders of the SGWCT Web Portal are Dr Cheah Wui Ling and Ms Ng Pei Yi. The Portal is kindly supported by funding from Singapore's National Heritage Board and the Singapore Academy of Law.

Goodwood Park Hotel as Singapore War Crimes Trials court, 1946. Image courtesy of Goodwood Park Hotel.